Medicare Advantage

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2019 First Looks are available for viewing - click the carrier below to view maps and benefits.

2019 MAPD Certifications are Open - click here to learn more


AHIP Certification is now open! If you go direct through AHIPs website you will pay $175.  If you access AHIP through a carrier site you will be offered discounted pricing.

AHIP Discounts - All discounts are subject to loggin into ahip through each carriers certification sites.

  • United Healthcare offers $50 off AHIP
  • WellCare offers $50 off AHIP
  • Cigna offers a reimbursement for AHIP based on Production
  • Humana offers $50 off AHIP plus reimbursement for AHIP based on Production

If you have any questions give our office a call for more details  800-843-7253